Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Film Review - The Fugitive

Released: 1993
Director: Andrew Davis
Starring: Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones

I believe this can be described as a classic (just don't tell Harrison Ford). I remember seeing it was I was young and enjoyed it, but coming back to rewatch it as an adult it certainly connects a lot more. Coming home to find your wife and grappling with the killer before being sentenced for her murder.. the first section of the film is really *oof*. You really do find yourself on Ford's side, you WANT him to escape, but you do identify with Tommy Lee Jones' character and the pursuit of the fugitive.

It has action, suspense, drama, everything you could ask for in a big grown up film ;D Scenes like where he's just shaved off his beard in a hospital and a guard stops him in the corridor and you think, "Oh no! He's been recognised!" and then after an agonising pause points out Ford's fly is undone.. *Shakes fist*

Certainly makes a lot more sense when watching as an adult. Good good film


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