Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Film Review - Collateral

Release: 2004
Director: Michael Mann
Starring: Tom Cruise, Jaime Foxx

Took me a couple of years to get around to this one, but boy it was class. Tom Cruise is a great villain, and always plays his roles to perfection. Jaime Foxx is a likeable taxi driver who just happens to take on the fair that will change his life, and then another who will potentially end it.

The cinematography is really interesting, and has that 28 Days Later look from being filmed on DV cameras I believe rather than big Hollywood machines, so it more resembles security camera footage and all the more realistic and frightening.

Mann directs great action sequences, and this film is full of them. It also has great suspense, and is best described as an action thriler.

The club scene with the Paul Oakenfold soundtrack was particularly memorable. The song is called Ready Steady Go (Korean Style) and if you listen to it I guarantee it will be stuck in your head.

This had me hooked from start to finish


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