Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Film Review - 8 Mile

Release: 2002
Director: Curtis Hanson
Starring: Eminem, Brittany Murphy and Kim Basinger

Similar to Purple Rain, with an artist trying to make it in music, the lead being played by a real musician in a pretty autobiographical part. Eminem plays wannabe rapped B-Rabbit. The film starts with him taking part in a freestyle rap battle at the local rap club in Detroit, but he chokes and gets ridiculed by the very very black audience.

He's pretty much told the whole time that he's a failure, and will never be good enough. The real life locations of inner city Detroit are like a character all to themselves, showing just how run down the neighbourhoods they're meant to portray really are. Rabbit's mother lives in a trailer, and he wants so desperately to escape that life. 

Eminem is a strong lead, and I found myself totally behind him at all times. He showed vulnerability and inner strength, and the last half an hour was fantastic how everything had built up. I could quite happy watch the last scene again and again.



  1. Oh son, i'm loving this stuff. Thanks.

  2. Nice one butt! Always encourages me to do more :)

    I'm working my way through alphabetically, so next is 300 and then anything beginning A