Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Film Review - Changing Lanes

Release: 2002
Starring: Samuel L Jackson, Ben Affleck

A film I had not even heard of until my Lovely mentioned it. A good action thriller.

Basic plot is Jackson is a man having an incredibly bad day on the verge of losing everything when Affleck mucks up his day even more. Instead of helping his fellow man, Affleck thinks only of himself and drives off and in doing so he leaves Jackson with the one Affleck needs and nothing left to lose.

Affleck is a bigshot lawyer, and all he needs to win a huge corporate case is with one document. In the confusion of the collision, Afleck left the document at the scene and into Jackson's hands.

The two basically go to war to destroy each other's lives in an ever-escalating fustercluck

I was gripped from beginning to end, and the ending was very satisfying. A surpising gem


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